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MyFit Liners powerslide

Powerslide MyFit 2nd Skin Sam Crofts Pro inline skate liner

Powerslide MyFit 2nd Skin Sam Crofts Pro inline skate liner

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The Powerslide MyFit 2nd Skin Sam Crofts Pro Liners are perfect for almost any hard shell boot. This is Sam's first MyFit Pro Liner and he said choosing the Secon Skin was an easy choice. 
Sam Croft says, "The MyFit second skin was an easy choice for my first MyFit pro liner as it's the perfect liner for the USD Aeon and Powerslide Next skates. It's the combination of a reinforced and supported heel, with its well-defined Achilles padding and the thin neoprene toe box that really does it for me. I can keep my heels well secured and supported whilst still being able to comfortably wiggle my toes keeping them comfy on longer skating sessions without losing any performance in the liner. I improved the liner for my own model by adding a very hardwearing suede exterior to extend the liner's life by preventing any holes from abrasion. I also added a MyFit Recall innersole for improved comfort and lastly added a corduroy top in a classic British 14 wale width to compliment my favorite pants. To round everything off I personalized the design with my own embroidered geometric London fox graphic and name in a classic English italic font." 


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