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Oysi Robbie Pitts Fluro Green Pro Model inline skate frames

Oysi Robbie Pitts Fluro Green Pro Model inline skate frames

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Robbie Pitts Fluro Green Pro Model Chassis (Inline Skating Chassis 281mm)

We have been working on this for quite some time and are extremely excited to finally release the Robbie Pitts Pro Model Oysi Inline Skating Chassis!

Fluro Green colorway includes fluorescent pigment to enhance Robbie's favorite color and create a very unique appearance that yields a self illuminating effect and also results in color variation with changes in ambient light. It's incredibly hard to capture this in the photos and it looks simply amazing in person.

Featuring laser etched graphics designed by Robbie Pitts.

Robbie is a very talented rollerblader who's skating style is truly unique and luckily for us it is well complemented by what is offered in the Oysi Chassis.

In addition to many video sections and hosting several pop-up film presentations of rollerblading film collection, Robbie has been a staple in rollerblading over many many years.

Through his pursuit of uncommon movements on skates, matched with such distinctly identifiable style, Robbie generates a great enthusiasm for those around to simply follow their passions, be themselves, and enjoy what you love.

Photos by Brandon Smith


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